Certificates and Machinery

Below, we'll list what works we can carry out and what machines we have available for this.

Plasma and flame cutting

Our plasma cutting and flame cutting equipment cut carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum parts with high precision.

  • Maximum sheet size: 2000mm x 6000mm
  • The thickness of carbon steel plate that can be cut: 0,5mm - 200mm
  • The thickness of stainless steel sheet that can be cut: 0,5mm - 20mm
  • The thickness of aluminum sheet that can be can be cut: 0,5mm - 25mm

Our machine: AJAN PP260A FINE RAY CNC plasma and flame cutter


The professionalism of our experienced experts in CNC – controlled bending machines and a wide selection of benders ensure versatile machining mode and reliable work performance for our partners.

  • Bending length: 3000 mm
  • Capacity: 175 tons


  • MVD CNC HAP 30160 (4axis-2D control)
  • Manual bending machine: 2000mm, 2 pieces
  • Manual bender: 3000mm
  • HPK 80 Steel Pipe bending machine
  • Alba is 32/36 combination of rebar bender and cutter
  • Rotenberger Benders


Our four- cylinder roll machine ensures the rolling of regular cylinders, cones and the rolling of arbitrary geometry with variable radius bends.

  • Up to 3,000 mm wide plate
  • Up to 10 mm thick plate

Our machine:

  • SAHINLER 4R HS 30-190 NC (NC control)


Manual welding:

Carbon steels, stainless materials MIG, the welding of MAG as well as preparation of joint connections, if necessary using "forming gas" with tank-like stainless steel parts.

TIG welding:

TIG welding of stainless steel materials at separate workplaces, as well as preparation of mixed joints, if necessary using "forming gas" with tank-like stainless steel parts.


We cut

  • metal and steel pipes, rods,
  • steel plates and structural elements.

Our machines:

  • Kaltenbach Circular Saw
  • Macc 360 Si band
  • Pibanus TMJ Band
  • OLP NBG hydraulic angle steel cutter


  • The manufacturing and final assembly of steel frame structure.
  • HEA, HEB, IPE, U steel, enclosed fixtures.
  • TMJ Pibanus band.
  • Steel plates, using a round steel.
  • Steel plate processing, cutting, drilling.
  • The machining, cutting and drilling of acid-proof, stainless sheet metal.
  • The final assembly of sheet metal components.

Surface Treatment

  • Surface treatment of plates and steel frame structures.
  • Decorating-dip galvanizing, powder coating.
  • Powder.

Our premises

Our site area is 16,000 sqm, where on an area of 5,000 sqm cranes, warehouses, social facilities and offices are located which are necessary for the activity.

Our factory certifications

  • since 2009: ISO 14001-2004
  • since 2005: ISO 9001-2008
  • since 2013: ISO 3834
  • since 2014: ISO 15081-CL1
  • since 2015: MSZ:EN 1090

Steel Constructions = Wiktori

If you want to get done some metal mechanic job, think about us!!


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