Company Introduction

Our main strengths are our experts, range of own tools, quality and meeting deadlines which are all manifested in our reference work.

Our company has expanded and today it has a workforce of 45 people, made up of a team of 8 white-collar and 37 blue-collar workers. All our staff members have a depth of professional experience which is a must for providing quality work and essential for managing our own equipment park.In 2005 MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system was introduced that regulates the manufacturing and installation of steel constructions and light frame halls.

Our location

We are based in Mezőkövesd (Dohány út) on a land of 16000 m², of which about 5000 m² is taken up by workshops, warehouses, social establishments and offices which are necessary for carrying out our activity. Using our modern equipment and tools, we manufacture all steelwork to be installed on the site of our Clients. We mainly provide solutions in North-East Hungary.

Metal Industry

Some of our activities within the metal industry include the manufacturing of crane runways, industrial shelving, bridge structures, fence elements (field, gate) and special metal structures. Besides, we also manufacture chip conveyor and material handling carts largely for companies engaged in chips. Our own product development includes containers, storage and means of transport, which, upon customers' request, are also offered with minor reconstruction.

Construction Industry

We do the design and manufacturing of metal work for the construction industry: we undertake the prime and general contracting of steel or steel-concrete structured buildings and halls. We also undertake the reconstruction of public institutions, large buildings. Parts of our work are completed in our own workshops and our experts are prepared for the delivery and on-site assembly of the manufactured structures.

We have met the needs and demands of various sectors thus far, with special emphasis on clients from constructional engineering and vehicle manufacturing suppliers. Currently we are aiming at introducing and providing our services to businesses operating in the areas of agriculture and warehousing.

Steel Constructions = Wiktori

If you want to get done some metal mechanic job, think about us!!


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