Our references have expanded over the past few years, we have selected the most characteristic ones and organized them into groups: (references from the construction industry and references from the metall industry). If required, additional references can be provided.


"Our company was looking for a contractor for building a new warehouse in 2012. Previously, we had had work relations with Wiktori Ltd. regarding the manufacturing of some other work (chip conveyor, tray machine, etc.). As a result of our experience gained until then as well as their favorable price quote given, Wiktori Ltd. won the opportunity of building the planned warehouse among several companies. The trust we had placed in them prior to our agreement paid off in terms of the precise, organized work flow provided, the professional use of high-quality materials and the strict adherence to the deadlines set."

jr. Miklós Szegedi - Jura Plussz Kft.

"Over the past few years, Wiktori Ltd. has been working as a prime contractor in the building construction investments requested and made by the Local Government of Mezőkövesd. All their preparatory work and implementation have always been done in an organized way taking into account their Client's and the Operator's interests. They solved all arisen problems constructively in the course of implementation, taking into account the progress of work in the meanwhile. They cooperation skills have always been outstanding with all parties involved in every project. They have excellent quality of work. They immediately took the necessary steps in case there were informed about occasional defaults and warranty services. Wiktori Ltd has a significant amount of workforce; I never experienced any conflicts between the management and subcontractors which would have had any negative effect on work."

Ede Antal - Urban Development Manager - Mayor's Office, Mezőkövesd

"I have known Wiktori Ltd for 12 years and I can assure you that they are among the most outstanding companies in terms of their quality and speed of construction and implementation. Their constructions are always well- functioning "outputs" due to their professional expertise, competency, accuracy and flexibility. Due to the excellent installation of Wiktory Ltd., the excellent quality of our company is worthy of reference in the region."

Attila Fülep - sales representative - Lindab Kft.

"We got to know Wiktori Ltd as a reliable partner who we can always rely on. They manage the customer – manufactures relation by fair agreements and they always deliver on time; that's why, their order is a guarantee for us."

András Szilli - MEGAPROFIL Magyarország Kft.

"Our company required the covering of large areas, workshops; therefore, we particularly searched for a company in the region that has this specialty. In terms of installing steel constructions we cannot find better than Wiktory Ltd around the region of Mezőkövesd: Their experts and tools also gained our confidence, they performed on time and they have reasonable price."

László Freytag - ZF Hungária Kft.

Steel Constructions = Wiktori

If you want to get done some metal mechanic job, think about us!!


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